May 02 - Leeds Flat

Leeds is the second largest city in the United Kingdom.  A vibrant, affluent capital, Leeds complements  its economic success with a lively arts, sporting and entertainment scene. New  and refurbished theatres, shopping malls, hotels, galleries and cafe bars rub  shoulders with stylish offices and award-winning architecture.

The city's central positioning - midway between  Edinburgh and London - places Leeds in the heart of the country. As Leeds takes  up the mantle as a key European commercial and cultural center, it attracts new  residents to its cosmopolitan center. Already numbering over 700,000 residents,  with a metropolitan area in excess of 3.5 million.

Our flat is in the center of town; minutes from the train station and less then 2 minutes to my office...

Our Place - Living Room


Master Bedroom

View out back porch - River Aire


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