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Rick is a Director with Deloitte ConsultingManages Deloitte Digital's Cloud Integration (MuleSoft) practice. As a Director, he has over 30 years of system development; he has worked on  MVS, VAX, Linux, UNIX Windows systems, using a variety popular network protocols.  Rick has a broad-based diverse background having architected numerous database applications.  He has worked on  several application and product development projects using traditional software engineering, numerous development tools and several well-proven system life cycle methodologies.  His experience in VMS, UNIX, NT and PC network systems extend back more than ten years and he has worked extensively in a variety of client/server environments in recent years.  Rick has successfully completed Oracle's Certified Program (OCP) - passed November 1998 and renewed every year thereafter.

Over the past several years Rick has been dedicated to the tuning and optimization of large scale production databases.  Specializing in the construction of decision support/executive information systems, ERP, CRM and e-commerce systems.  Rick has focused his ERP attention to those which leverage the Oracle eBusiness Suite of product (lately 12.1.2). Rick's responsibilities include design, construction, implementation, tuning, benchmarking and populating of databases of all sizes - specializing in very large database (VLDB) design.  Post-production support tasks have involved the tuning and optimizing of databases, operating system and the application as a whole to yield the optimum performance for the end-user. 

Rick has experience in providing services and products for many business areas including accounting, financial, investments, HMO and hospitals, manufacturing (chemical, automotive, high-tech and pharmaceutical), banking, insurance, engineering, energy exploration and production, software development, and product development. His speciality is Oracle database tuning as well as application tuning especially those applications using third party tools such as Oracle Applications, PeopleSoft, BAAN and SAP.

Rick has worked in both a leadership and technical position creating innovative solutions by applying technical expertise in application construction and tuning, system administration, database administration, data modeling, benchmarking and overall system enhancements. Rick's abilities include project definition, project management and all deliverables associated with a system's life cycle.

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